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About Just Broker Jobs

Just Broker Jobs is a unique jobs website that specifically understands the telesales, call centre and broker working environment and requirements.


We found that although mainstream job sites can offer a way of recruiting telesales staff and finding broker jobs, they were simply not specialised enough to allow job seekers and employers from our industry to find exactly what they are looking for.


We therefore decided to put together a website with a full back office that specialises in nothing but telesales, direct sales reps and brokers, meaning that telesales staff can find the exact type of jobs that they are looking for and call centres and brokerages can fill their floors fast!


For employers we offer nothing but high quality staff who have the relevant experience and understanding of our industry.  Using recruiters is expensive and advertising on generic job boards can use up precious time and deliver the wrong people.  Instead, we offer employers the chance to recruit an unlimited number of people every month and deliver your job vacancies, not only to the right audience here on Just Broker Jobs, but also on a whole network of other national job sites all included in the same price!


For those looking for telesales and broker jobs, we offer nothing but superb job opportunities within the job industries that you know and love.  These jobs offer you the chance to work in a fast-paced environment, earn huge commissions and sell quality products with great leads and a great chance to progress within the company.  So, whether you are just looking to be an opener or basic telesales staff, or whether you are now looking to run your own floor, there is an opportunity here for you on Just Broker Jobs.


We specialise in pairing up job seekers and employers in industries such as:


  • Alternative Investments
  • Home Improvements
  • Brokerages
  • Direct Sales
  • Property
  • Call Centres


And other similar industries.  Therefore, whether you are a job seeker looking for a role in one of these industries, or you are an employer looking to recruit the right kind of people, we can help.

In our industry, we understand that CV's, educational background and small talk is not neccessarily what makes a great telesales agent or broker.  Therefore we have expedited our site to simply concentrate on the important aspects.  That means that as a job seeker, you can sign up quickly with the minimum of fuss and start receiving job offers from companies offering you better basic salaries, better commissions, better leads and better opportunites.  As an employer it means that you no longer have to sift through pages of CV's from people who do not understand your industry or are not rightly qualified. Instead, search our database of experienced telesales staff or place a job vacancy that will be seen by people who know how to close the deal. 



Our Services

We offer a totally free service to job seekers that allows you to:


  • Sign up and receive job offers for the broker positions you're looking for
  • View broker job vacancies and apply for them
  • Hide your CV from your existing employer or any other companies that you choose
  • Control who contacts you and with what job vacancies
  • Find a better broker job with better pay and prospects


As an employer, we offer an unique recruitment solution that includes:


  • Advertise job vacancies to a highly targetted audience
  • Search our database of existing brokers to pitch them over to your company
  • Have your job vacancies also placed on some of the other major job sites for increased visibility
  • Fill your broker vacancies using a site that completely understands your industry and needs
  • Forget sifting through long CV's and people from irrelevant industries
  • Allow you to advertise your brand, or alternatively keep your company name and details private
  • Even have us complete the entire recruitment process on your behalf from advert to interview


Our Clients

We have some of the biggest brokerages using our service to fill their floors with quality sales staff that can seriously close business.  We always respect your privacy and understand that within our industry sometimes discretion is required.  Therefore we will always keep your company name and details private unless you specifically want to reveal it.


We have supplied trading floors with all kinds of staff, including openers, closers, loaders, team leaders, managers and even admin staff, PA's and new directors.  We have clients across the alternative investment industry including carbon, forestry, overseas property, land banking, diamonds, precious metals, stock, green alternatives and other similar industries.


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