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Broker Recruitment - Recruit Brokers Fast

Broker Recruitment

Broker recruitment can be tough but recruiting brokers can mean a constant steady flow of new blood to keep your trading floors under pressure and driving in new business.


Just Broker Jobs offers broker recruitment for alternative investments (such as carbon brokers, diamond brokers and rare earth metal brokers), as well as insurance brokers, mortgage brokers and others involved in the broker industry that require ongoing recruitment and the need to consistently be placing broker vacancies.


If you are looking to recruit brokers in London, recruit brokers in Kent, recruit brokers in Essex or indeed recruit brokers up in Manchester, Just Broker Jobs can help as we cover the entire UK and even help with broker recruitment overseas such as in Dubai, Spain, Thailand and even further afield.


The difference about Just Broker Jobs and the way that we do broker recruiting is that we have an audience that already know your industry.  Therefore they have experience or are proactively looking to get involved in your market.  This means that you are likely to generate much large numbers of applications as well as more relevant candidates.  We also have a few unique features such as an Express CV function that allows brokers to simply tell you the real key points about them and their sales skills rather than having to wade through long CV's of irrelevant education history and outdated job histories.


Just Broker Jobs helps with further broker recruitment by using job alerts which allows you to get your job emailed to potential candidates.  We also place broker vacancies on other sites under the relevant searches.  So, if someone is looking for broker jobs in London, we will make sure that not only is the broker job in London placed on our site, but it is also placed under the London broker jobs on other relevant job boards, helping to maximise responses even further.


Just Broker Jobs also provides an unlimited job posting posting package to make ongoing broker recruitment easier and more affordable than ever before.  For one fixed cost you can place as many sales jobs, reps jobs and broker jobs on our broker job board as you wish every single month, meaning that you can get a constant stream of new applicants and new starters ready to build you floor and replace dead wood whenever you need!





To find out more about our unlimited job posting package, click here.





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