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Carbon Broker Jobs

The world is becoming much more aware of the fact that we are damaging our environment and one of the biggest contributors this is carbon dioxide (CO2) which is causing global warming.  CO2 is emitted by everything from cars through to factories and the amont of CO2 that you release into the atmosphere is often called your carbon footprint.  Therefore more and more individuals and businesses are trying to reduce the carbon footprint in order to do their bit for the environment but in the cases of large companies it can also help with their company image and therefore carbon offsetting is becoming more and more appealing.


Carbon offsetting is the act of buying carbon credits to effectively offset the carbon that you are releasing into the atmosphere.  Carbon credits are created by projects that effectively take carbon out of the atmosphere, such as by planting forests or creating green energy. 


Being a carbon broker or carbon credits consultant involves selling these credits as a form of investment.  As the number of these credits is finite but the demand for them is growing, the value of them can increase and therefore many people compare them to a form of stocks and shares.  It is effectively possible for an individual to invest into carbon credits now and sell them to a business or other individual in the future for a profit.


Being a carbon broker can be extremely financially rewarding and is one of the hottest products in the alternative investment industry at present.  We have plenty of carbon broker jobs that are sure to get you earning money fast.


Being a junior carbon broker, also knowas an opener, is the best way to enter the industry.  Jobs in carbon can be hard to get into and therefore by looking for junior carbon broker jobs or trainee carbon broker jobs it is possible to get an entry job into the industry that will give you the training and experience you need and a fast track to being a senior broker.


A junior carbon sales broker job will normally involve contacting potential new clients in order to introduce them to the company and line of products.  You will not be required to actually sell the product or close the deal but will instead simply build up the desire in order to get an information pack out or arrange for a senior broker to call back and explain more.  Therefore you are an important cog in the wheel and will quickly build up experience and knowledge of the industry.


Junior carbon brokers normally earn a small basic of around £12,000 per year with a bonus for each new client that they introduce that then goes on to purchase from a senior broker.


Senior carbon broker jobs are normally available to those who have some form of experience either in the carbon industry or a similar alternative investment product.  A senior carbon will often be paid up to 20% on each deal and may also benefit from a small basic too.  It is the job of a senior carbon sales consultant (or carbon closer) to actually secure the deals of potential clients, process deposits and payment and to service the accounts.


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